Television Programme Complaint Form

Please complete this Section, summarising the main points of your complaint and the violation of the Code of Ethics and Guidelines, which are available on the NBA website (alternatively, you may attach your complaint to this Form). To finish, please read through the above Form to ensure all your details are correct. You may post, e-mail or fax this Complaint Form to the broadcaster. The relevant contact details are available on the website.



Complaints relating to Content

Any complaint relating to content of TV channel, News 24 of News24 Broadcast India Ltd., under the Code of Ethics & Broadcasting Standards and News Broadcasting Standards Regulations of News Broadcasters Association (NBA) shall be made by a person aggrieved within a reasonable time not exceeding 7 (seven) days from the date of first broadcast to the following person appointed by the Company whose details are reproduced below:


Mr. Kaushik Moitra

Head – Legal

News24 Broadcast India Ltd.
FC 23, Film City, Sector – 16 A,
Noida – 201301

Tel: - 0120 - 3911444/555

Fax : 0120 - 3911444/555

E-mail : ,


However, before making a complaint viewers are encouraged to go through the Code of Ethics & Broadcasting Standards, News Broadcasting Standards Regulations and Guide to the Complaints Process. These details are available on the website of NBA