10 Points: Farmers' protest over; these are their list of demands

New Delhi, March 12: The latest development in Farmer's protest in Maharashtra  is that the farmers have called off protest after they reach an agreement with the government. CM Devendra Fadnavis has promised a written assurance, one of their demands, soon. Here is their list of demands:

1. The Kisan Long March demands that the burning issues connected to the public distribution system be resolved.

2.  It demands increase in pension schemes to poor peasants an agricultural workers.

3. Peasants' lands are being grabbed for fancy, elitist, unnecessary, anti-people projects like super highways and bullet trains. 

4.  It demands that the temple lands and pasture lands to be vested in the name of the tillers.

5. Change the proposed river linking scheme in Nashik, Thane and Palghar districts. Make water available to these and other drought prone districts. Do not submerge tribal villages. 

6. It demands implementation of Swaminathan Commission's recommendations and Forest Rights Act.

7. It demands remunerative prices for agricultural produce.

8. It demands the loan waiver which the Maharashtra CM Dev Fadnavis had promised and took a U-turn later

9. The entire Mumbai was on its toes to help these farmers with dates, water and biscuits.

10.The farmers ensured that the daily life, especially of students, appearing for Board exams is not disturbed. There was no traffic havoc