10 Points: PM conferred the Grand Collar, other major developments in Palestine

New Delhi, Feb 10: Prime Minister Narendra Modi was today conferred the 'Grand Collar of the State of Palestine' by President Mahmoud Abbas, recognising his key contribution to promote relations between India and Palestine. Modi is the first Indian prime minister to make an official visit to Palestine. Here ar the 10 important things regarding this honour and what PM Modi said in his speech there:

1. President Abbas conferred the Grand Collar of the State of Palestine on Modi after the conclusion of the bilateral meeting between the two leaders

2. Commendation of Grand Collar read,"in recognition of his wise leadership,lofty national & intn'l stature,in appreciation of his efforts to promote historic relations b/w Palestine & India;in acknowledgement of his support to our ppls' right to freedom so peace prevails in region”

3. It is my honour to welcome you as a great guest, on your first historic visit to Palestine which holds, to you personally & to the people of india, sentiments of love & appreciation. Indian leadership has always stood by peace in Palestine: President Mahmoud Abbas.

4. Here I would like to assert our commitment to political action and negotiations as means of achieving our national goals to freedom and independence in accordance with the two states' relation along the lines of 1967: President Mahmoud Abbas

5. This is an honour for India and a symbol of Palestine's friendship. I thank you on behalf of all Indians for this: PM Modi on the Grand Collar of the state of Palestine conferred on him.

6. India & Palestine's relations have stood the test of time. Palestine has always taken a top spot in our foreign policy: PM Narendra Modi

7. I have assured President Abbas that India is bound by a promise to take care of Palestinian people's interests. India hopes that soon Palestine will come a free country in a peaceful manner : PM Modi in Palestine

8. I am happy to announce that we will double the exchange of students from this year taking it from 50 to 100: PM Narendra Modi. 

9. People of Palestine have continuously shown exemplary courage in extremely tough times, in spite of the fact that there was an unstable environment. The way you moved forward in such a situation is praiseworthy, we appreciate it: PM Modi in Palestine. 

10. India is aiding construction of an Institute of Diplomacy in Palestine. I am happy that we are moving forward with our developmental corporation forward during this visit: PM Modi

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