10000000 new Rs 500 notes are printed here daily for you

Nashik: The Narendra Modi government and RBI are ensuring that you do not face cash crunch for long. To meet shortage of the new Rs 500 notes, the printing of these notes has been increased three-fold at the Currency Note Press (CNP) here.

"We have enhanced printing of new Rs 500 notes from 3.5 million pieces per day in mid-November to 10 million pieces per day now. We are printing 19 million pieces of currency notes of various denominations on a daily average of which 10 million pieces are of Rs 500 notes, while the remaining currency notes are of Rs 100, Rs 50 and Rs 20 denominations," The Times of India quoted CNP sources as saying. CNP does not print Rs 2000 note.

The CNP sent its biggest consignment of notes after note ban to RBI on Friday. The consignment had 4.30 crore notes. Of the total 43 million notes, 11 million were Rs 500 notes, 12 million Rs 100 notes, and 10 million each of Rs 50 and Rs 20 notes.

In the last 43 days, CNP has sent 82.80 crore notes to RBI's various offices across the country. Of these, 25 crore were Rs 500 rupee notes. In the last three days, CNP dispatched 8.30 crore notes, of which 3.75 crore were Rs 500 notes

The press hopes to print 40 crore more Rs 500 notes by January 31. Now there is no Sunday off or holidays at the CNP

Currency notes are printed at four presses in the country. Of these, two are of the RBI at Mysore in Karnataka and Salboni in Bengal while the remaining two are of the Security Printing and Minting Corporation of India Ltd at Nashik and Dewas. (News24Bureau)