103-yr old widow ties rakhi to PM:How PM Modi celebrated Rakhi

New Delhi: A 103-year-old widow, who lost her brother around five decades ago, on Monday visited Prime Minister Narendra Modi at his official residence on Raksha Bandhan to tie a rakhi on his wrist.

Sharbati Devi lost her brother about 50 years ago, and would always miss him, especially on Rakhi. Her son had written to Modi and subsequently the Prime Minister invited Sharbati Devi and her family to his residence.

"Sharbati Devi was extremely delighted to meet the Prime Minister and tie a rakhi. They had a wonderful interaction," an official press note said.

Among others who tied rakhi to PM Modi was Pakistan-origin woman Qamar Mohsin Shaikh. She has been living in India for the past 35 years, is in awe of her 'rakhi' brother Prime Minister Narendra Modi. She credits him for everything she is today.

Presently living in Ahmedabad, Shaikh travelled to Delhi on Monday to tie the thread of sibling bond on Modi's wrist, the way she says she has been doing for the last 23 years.

"I have been tying rakhi to Narendra Bhai for the last 23 years. I am extremely excited to be able to do it this time too," Shaikh, who came to India from Pakistan after her marriage," she said

What made this year's rakhi special for her was the fact that she had thought Modi would be too busy and she would not get to meet him.

But to her surprise, Shaikh said, she got a call two days back from Modi and "I was very happy to know that and I started preparing for Raksha Bandhan" with the Prime Minister.

She said Modi spent a few seconds with each visitor who had come to greet him and tie rakhi, but "I was surprised and extremely happy that he spent more time with me".

"I told him whatever I am today is because of you. He put his hand on my head to bless me. He asked me about my son Sufian and my husband Mohsin. I feel like the luckiest and happiest person in the world."

PM Modi had also invited little girls. Some of them were in uniform, while the others came dressed pretty clothes and tied rakhis on PM's hand


Widows from Vrindavan brought around 1,500 beautiful handcrafted rakhis which had a smiling picture of the Prime Minister of the country as the centrepiece.

By evening PM had mesmerised his "sisters" with his love and warmth. Onhis part, rakhis which started from his wrist were all around his forearm by evening.