15 Basic Organisational Tips That'll Make Your Life Easier

Trying to do “adulting" the right way? Looking for more organised and uncomplicated life patterns? Well, for all those who fear failure in competing in the race that’s life, Organisational skills 101 are here for your rescue. Life is nothing but like a simple manual automotive. It accelerates, changes gears through turns and rocky roads, comes to a halt and sometimes even runs out of fuel, but it does not dismantle unless you want it to. 

If you’re expecting to be more organised this year, starting from now, don’t commit the mistake of expecting it to happen all at once. Whether you're in a home or an office, a bathroom or a boardroom, it's all the same. Whatever you do, start thinking in terms of completing what you've started. The last thing you want is unfinished projects in every nook and corner of your home. It’s a rare person among us who doesn’t feel the need to get more organised. So, let's get started by going through these simple milestones first.  As such there should be something for everyone on this list.

1. Automate everything you can and Change:

 Add simplicity to your life. It obsoletes unimportant things. It brings down any method or idea that isn’t timeless. It brings up newer and more important things that you and others can’t resist anymore. Best of all: it’s an organising tool that operates itself. You simply have to embrace it.

2.    You control your life:

 Whatever electronics or paper you use, make them work for YOU and not the other way around. Does Outlook really have to stay checking your email every 5 minutes? Maybe, but I bet you’ll get a whole lot more done if you check it a few times per day. After all, there are so many tools provided to us in today’s world and one to fit everyone – mobile, laptops, iPad etc. so use what works, but make sure it works for you. 

3.  Pen down each and everything:

Be it groceries, passwords,  bank details, chores, a vivid quote from a far off memory or any other thing for that matter, write it down for yourself to remember and don’t just rely completely on your mental notes. After all, your inbuilt RAM might not come in handy at all times. If you want to remember things, put it in writing, or in a digital notebook like the one on your desktop or your mobile phone. 

4.  Make a To-Do list be your guide:

Make a to-do list for your day- 

Your daily or immediate list should never be more than 5 items long, or else you're taking on too much and setting yourself up for failure. Mark one or two of those items as things you absolutely must get done that day, and pursue those tasks relentlessly until you get them done.

Make a to-do list for the week- 

Appropriate items here would be Grocery shopping, fix air conditioner, etc. Draw from this list to make your daily to-do list. A white board or board with erasable markers can help to remember all one has to do every day or long term goals.

Make a to-do list for the month-

This list would have more general tasks like Birthday gift for someone, getting the car serviced, dentist appointment. Draw from this list to make your daily and weekly to-do list.

Make a to-do list for your life-

Drastic, yes, but why not use this time to rethink your life and where it's going? Getting organised is all about priorities, and it never hurts.

5. Don’t be a slob, use a planner/ calendar :

A planner is always a good start. Begin by writing your plans and to-do lists in your planner and set time frames for any activities. This is a way for you to be trained with discipline and learning that time is very precious. At first, it might be difficult but when you do it all the time, it becomes your daily habit.Most procrastination is due to someone not wanting to do the task that they put off. If you make the effort to do that task first you'll feel better and won't spend the day dreading the task that you will eventually put off. When running errands, map out the best path so you get the most done and keep chit chat to a minimum. Don’t get sidetracked. Target what you need to do. If something else comes to your mind, write it in your planner/notes/calendar to do at a later date.

6. Throw one, buy one: 

Try donating or throwing out something that you do not use before buying one thing. Or, if you’re a really terrible pack rat, just throw out one old thing a day until you can’t find any more items to throw. If, let’s say, you are too attached to your clothes but do not wish to throw them away, ask yourself if you have used them in the last 6 months. if you still can’t decide to ask yourself if you have used them in the last one year,if no, then you know what to do with them. Do that for a month and I guarantee you’ll have less clutter in your life?

7 .Can’t miss checking expiration dates of stocked medicines or goods: 

A lot of us have a habit of piling a lot of medicines which were once prescribed to us or food that was bought and forgotten in the refrigerator or in a corner kitchen cabinet. Expired canned goods and medicines won’t just taste bad, they’ll also be bad for your health. Dispose them off immediately to minimise the clutter in your cabinets, and make room for newer and fresher supplies.

 8. Create a Weekend Bucket List:

Keep a list of activities that you want to do, so you can consult this list on boring weekends instead of wasting your time figuring out what to do or just giving up and watching reruns at home.Whichever of these tasks you decide to do, remember that you can’t completely organise your life in one go. It’s a long, never-ending process so be patient. Just decide to get organised now then take baby steps until you see some semblance of order in your life. Soon enough, you will be making a habit out of it all.

9. Procrastination is a “no-win”situation :

Do you want to get something done? Well here’s the thing-DO IT NOW!The longer you wait to get something done, the more difficult it will be to get it done. A less stressful and less demanding life asks for putting in the effort to get things done as soon as possible . It’ll only lift the weight off of you from doing it later. Hypothetically saying, think of one thing that you should organise in your life. Write it down. Then write down when you can do it and what you need to get it done. If you can get it done right now, then go do it, just like Nike does. Meet your deadlines.

10.  Work hard, play hard:

The great did not win it in a lottery, they worked hard to be great. Put in a lot of effort whenever and wherever necessary. You can organise what and when you have to do certain things once you have successfully delegated responsibilities and made yourself a proper schedule.  Staying organised is not all a breeze . You can enjoy your clutter-free life, sit back and throw your arms behind your head and let the sun shine brightly on your achievements only if you stay focused and go the extra mile to make a difference. Make it a habit of working harder when you feel like giving up on that day. Wake up smiling because if you start your day with a sulky and groggy mood, it tends to linger for an entire day and momentarily decreases your will to work at all. 

11. Let your creative self out of its shell: 

 It’s easier to control what things come into our homes than to have to go through them, clean them, store them, make decisions on whether to keep them. A really crucial part of being organised over the long term is to develop a consciousness over what we continue to acquire.So the next time you’re getting ready to buy something,ask yourself What’s the actual use I have for this item? Where is it going to go? Do I have something else that does the same thing? 

12. The 8*3 rule will surely balance your time issues:  

 A very precise and useful trick. It’s a way to divide your time to be responsible and still relax. Try to sleep for eight hours a day, spend eight working and eight hours for the rest of your life – time with friends, eating, etc. Always remember giving yourself time to relax and move along with your life rather than ahead of it or behind it, is very crucial to a satisfied living.

13. Set up email filters:

 In today’s market  technology is always by your side, you use Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc and there is no-one who isn't faced with the challenge of managing spam emails. I say email filters and tags are a great way to organise your emails so that they stay organised without too much information mismanagement . You may use different tabs depending on your need and priorities, for example, one tab for personal and one for academic for students,one tab for personal and one for office junkies for the workaholics among you. It helps a great deal in making the inbox feel more manageable. Moreover, their’s no denying that backing up your computer using a hard drive or your photos, notes, files etc via apps saves you the stress of losing your precious data. It gives you the satisfaction of not losing your hard work even if your computer or mobile crashes.

14. Putting things where they belong: 

The “If you take it out, put it back” mantra will only and always see you the time you’d otherwise spend in looking for something for hours or for cleaning up the mess you leave behind. This is the easiest way for keeping your desks clear, your files and folders sorted, etc. Too much mess around you brings with itself negativity and morbidity. More open, cleaner and lighter space will bring peace and calm to your mind. You’d see the difference the moment you sit aside after cleaning out an area of your office or your home. It automatically makes you feel more productive. 

15.  Your mind and body are your friends :

Be it meditation,yoga, prayer or just going out for a stroll along the lush green sidewalks, finding something that makes you feel connected to yourself or your spirituality will bring you peace both mentally and physically. Mental health will increasingly manifest and enhance your thinking skills and physical wellness will give you all the required push and motivation to keep you going ahead. But always remember to go easy on yourself. Nobody is perfect and it can be incredibly difficult to stay on top of everything in your life. While you give your best don't forget that if you mess up, it’s alright. Life does not stop right there. You can always get up and strive harder than before until you achieve what you want. Giving up is never an option. A man has the power to do whatever he wants with his life at anytime anywhere. Believe in yourself and never lose hope. You have nowhere but the sky to reach and horizons to breach.


Whatever you do, start thinking in terms of completing what you've started. A lot of us are certainly the masters of not finishing things. A comprehensive approach to deal with that would be breaking tasks into manageable projects and going one step at a time. Don’t forget that a house is made one brick at a time, so have patience since progress takes time. There is no task so little in this world that you can't master and that isn't important in the world of organising. 

Beeba M Singh