180 km in one charge, price will shock you

New Delhi, Jan 24: It's not only pollution-free, but it runs up to 180 kilometres in one charge. This is the latest e-scooter to hit market, and is called i-Praise. What's more, the bookings have already started, and 450 were booked even before the launch.

The new e-scooter has been launched by two-wheeler manufacturer Okinawa Scooters. It is priced at Rs 1.15 lakh (ex-showroom). I-praise is Rs 44,000 costlier than the standard Praise variant, which is priced at Rs 71,460.

The new e-scooter will be available in three colour combinations - glossy silver black, glossy golden black and glossy red black.


# i-Praise has a detachable lithium-ion battery

# Battery needs only 5A power socket for charging. This means it can be charged at place with nil infrastructure support for electric vehicles.

# Company claims a range of 160-180 km/charge

# Charging time is 2-3 hours

# 30-40 per cent lighter than other e-scooters.

The company has also launched an app called Okinawa Eco. Through this app you can get geo-fencing, virtual speed limit, battery health tracker, SOS notifications, directions, maintenance and insurance reminder and vehicle status features of I-praise

Geo-fencing will help you set virtual parameters for the e-scooter. You will get an alert every time there is a movement beyond it.  You can set speed limit with 'Virtual speed limit'. You can get details about ignition status, battery voltage, current and average speed and immobilization mode status through the vehicle status feature.

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