2 arrested in Vikas Nagar double-muder

New Delhi, Police today arrested two persons in connection with the murder of a widow and her distant relative in a flat at Vikas Nagar in Ranhola area of west Delhi.

The arrested were identified as Amit and his friend Sumit. Amit is brother-in-law of the widow's younger daughter. Sunita, 42, and her distantly related brother-in-law Rajesh Kumar, 45, were found dead in her flat yesterday morning. Sunita's younger daughter Jyoti, who had been living with her mother for some weeks, was not present at the time of the incident.

Police said Jyoti's in-laws had objected to Sunita's relationship with Rajesh.

Police said the role of Jyoti is under investigation as she had called her husband Kaptan Singh late on the night of the double murder.

Sunita had introduced Rajesh as her distantly related brother-in-law who worked in Haryana Police to her neighbours.

He had come to meet her yesterday and his motorcycle was parked outside the building, police said.

Sunita is survived by her two daughters and a 15-year-old son, Sheru who lived with his elder sister, Sonia who was also married in Haryana. Sunita's husband died ten years ago.