2 Reasons to include maple syrup in your diet

Most people who want to add some sweetener to their meals turn to honey or sugar, and most are not aware of a healthy and all-natural option which is there in every supermarket in the country - its maple syrup!!  Maple syrup is not just for pancakes and waffles any longer, as more people are starting to discover the healthy reasons you need to include maple syrup in your diet. Today health conscious consumers are adding the maple syrup to their oatmeal, yogurt, fish, chicken, granola, and as a dressing for salads. Here are two amazing benefits to oatmeal in your diet: 


* Boosts your immune system: The presence of the magnesium and zinc in our bodies is vital for maintaining a healthy immune system. 

*Combats Common Cold: The calcium, thiamine, and zinc in the maple syrup help to fight off the threat of the common cold. By maintaining the production of white blood cells in the body, you easily build up a strong resistance to sickness.