3 Apps to Help you be more organized

Time is a limited resource and it’s constantly running on empty. Once it passes, you can't get it back. However, you need it to do absolutely everything to make it really effective while it lasts. Ineffective time management can take many forms - be it procrastanation, personal distractions, or tasks that take more time than they should, there are tons of different things that waste our time every day. Wasted time means rushed deadlines, a work-life imbalance, and more stress and anxiety. Here are three apps that can help you manage your time better:

* Workflow: Can be customized that shaves time off the more complicated tasks you do daily. With Workflow, you can create unique homescreen shortcuts on your phone that perform batches of tasks in one check. Whether you want Google Maps to automatically load directions for your next meeting or you need your entire pic collection in a safe folder, you’ll be able to create custom apps that take care of everything you need.

* Clara: Clara is an artificially intelligent email app that schedules and coordinates your meetings. Booking meetings is tough work—as downtime in your own schedule is hard enough, but coordinating with your peers work schedule is even worse. Clara takes the legwork out of setting up meetings by automatically handling the tedious back-and-forth emails that you sink time into every day. Its straightforward, quick and extremely task-oriented.

* Wunderlist: is a collaborative to-do list app that helps you coordinate with your friends, family, and teammates. When it comes to getting stuff done, you’re no longer overwhelmed. Wunderlist lets you focus, complete, and share your goals from your phone. You can also assign tasks, add comments, and set due dates and reminders for your team.