3 Apps to help you with Childcare

Raising babies is the toughest job you'll ever encounter. Also, possibly even more difficult than sleepless nights and tireless dedication, is leaving your child in someone else’s care. Luckily, with all the new and developing apps at your disposal, here are three of them designed to keep you connected to them when you're away:

* Baby Connect:  There’s a lot to keep track of with a newborn, and as such, an ever-present anxiety that there’s something you’ve missed or forgotten — especially when you leave your infant in someone else’s care. Listed as one of “the most comprehensive baby tracking application on the Market”, this activity logger offers graphic charts and reports, medical notifications, and other relevant timers. You can use it to connect with your caregiver in real time while you’re away, and if you still need hard evidence that all is well, the app offers updates about your baby’s mood, temperature, and GPS location.

* Daily Connect:  It’s stressful for any parent to leave their child in the care of others. Whether in the capable hands of child care centers or any other caregivers such as babysitters. With Daily Connect, parents can have peace of mind by tracking what their child is and has been up to during the day. The app has data entry options for basic needs like getting fed, and also tracks activities and developments.

Brightwheel: Parents know that once a child is old enough to enter daycare, summer camp, or even early schooling, the worry continues. Brightwheel offers parents the opportunity to stay connected with their child’s progress and activities. With secure digital check-ins, photo sharing, daily reports that log meals, meds, and even nap sessions, you’ll never have to stress out while you’re away. The app allows for open and fluid communication between parents and teachers at all times. If teachers are running late, or parents need to notify the center that they’ll be early or late to pick up their kid, they can easily inform one another.