3 Benefits of Good Cholestrol

Cholesterol—a waxy compound that are a kind of sterol. Sterols are a type of fat in the tissues of both plants and animals, although only animals have varying amounts of cholesterol. Your body manufactures much of the cholesterol it needs in the liver, but you can also obtain it through your diet. Animal products such as chicken, beef, eggs, or dairy products contain cholesterol. Although its gotten quite controversial in terms of its side effects to our health. Here are three benefits of good cholestrol: 


*  It plays an important part  in forming and maintaining cell membranes and structures. Cholesterol can insert between fat molecules making up the cell, making the membrane more fluid. Cells also need cholesterol to help them adjust to changes in temperature.

* Cholesterol is used by nerve cells for insulation.

*  Your body also needs cholesterol to make Vitamin D. In the presence of sunlight, cholesterol is converted into vitamin D.