3 Best Diwali Apps for 2017

The tradition of celebrating Diwali may be age-old. But that doesn’t mean changes in the mode of celebration don’t happen every now and then. These days, it’s being tech-savvy above everything! Whether its capturing memories, communicating best wishes to your loved ones or being creative - here are three apps to get you ahead of yourself: 

* Rangoli for Diwali: If you’re someone who dabbles in arts and crafts, this one is for you. The app, you can create  rangoli designs that could make professional designers envious. And it’s very user friendly-providing an easy to follow instructions for every designs (just 4 steps!).

* Diwali Greeting Cards Maker: It’s the same old principle of sending someone a personalised message that’s at play here-only, unlike the traditional mode, this one is faster. The app has pre-loaded cards featuring Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Ganesha and also diyas and fire crackers. 

* Diwali Photo Frames: An app which you can create customised greeting cards incorporating pictures taken with iOS devices, Diwali Photo Frames comes with a set of pre-designed frames with Diwali themes, It’s also possible to add text, modify image sizes and share the frames on Facebook, Twitter or Whatsapp.