3 Best Things about being in your 30s!!!!

        Most of us spent our 20s in fear. Fear of never having a super-cool job, fearing of missing out the goodies in life, fear of losing the husband of your dreams after marrying him, fear of never being able to have kids, or just the fear of growing old, the biggest thing – fear about everything that your parents warned you about coming true! However, the most confused decade is followed by a more relaxed one! In your 30s, you realize you will figure it out. Because by this gorgeous age, you've already figured a lot out, and so, despite what comes up, your healthy belief in your own abilities kicks in no matter what. You reach that quiet, calm, certain place where you know that everything will end up OK. I wouldn't exchange that for my hangover-proof 20s for a second. Here are two best things about being in your 30s:               


               Firstly, you have less personal insecurity. You aren’t too fazed away by people’s opinions, remarks about you  or about the way you conduct yourself. There’s nothing like years of experience under your belt to help you stop caring so much about what other people think. When I was 15, my dad used to say, “I’m 43 Sweety, I don’t get scared by anyone!” Back then, I would be amazed by his fearlessness, so wishing I could adapt to his mindset and attitude. However, time and only time can get you there. You also have the sensibilities to make better choices, analyze decisions better and focus on your life better as you cut out the things that distract you. The confidence that a few more years gives you is worth “the rainbows and they star-lit sky” – and then some! It is actually a transitional decade that you enter – preparing you for the Golden years of your life.


           Secondly, we know ourselves better! Our 30s still vibrate with the energy and enthusiasm of youth, but you don't follow the crowd as much. You know who you are in a different way. In your 30s, you have realized your positives, your negatives, your limitations, your basic potential! You arent living under a fantasy balloon and cruising through on the roads on your bike with blinders on! You’re clearer on what matters to you and what doesn’t. You don’t feel the same need to fit in—to go snowboarding, to be living in your current city, to get married because everyone is.  It can then be a natural consequence that some relationships will fizzle out—and that’s OK!       The charm is being true to yourself and it isn’t about faking yourself to be liked by everyone. Be confident of yourself, and everything will fall into place. Before you know it, you will become a leader rather than a follower.



                Thus, don’t fear ageing! Just know that age and maturity rise proportionately. Age is an issue of mind over matter! If you feel you life has ended once you enter 30s, you’re incorrect! Just change the way you look at yourself, your outlook on life is what matters. A positive attitude, confidence in yourself and surety about the way you are is what actually matters. When your outlook changes, you begin to value your loved ones, your family, your health – you fall in love with the things and people in your life all over again because the bickering and the small problems are completely worth having them in your life.