3 Eco Friendly Clothing Brands!

Might sound a bit ironic as the textile industry infamous for the large amounts of emissions it induces into the environment. The textile industry uses high volumes of water throughout its operations, from the washing of fibres to bleaching,dyeing and washing of finished products. Also,  according to the International Labour Organization, there are 246 million child-workers (age 5 to 14) in the world today. Thus, in order to focus and will a more sustainable environment, here are three brands that are revolutionzing the way they make clothing and are environmentally friendly as well:   



Based In: Toronto, Canada  Best For:  Travel-wear, versatile items 

Encircled is on a mission to help you pack lighter and save time while rummaging through your closet. They create clothing that is versatile in design with fabrics that are as comfortable, and travel-friendly as they are good for the earth. Encircled takes a mindful and slow approach to design, producing only what is needed. They incorporate sustainable practices into everything they do from the sourcing of eco-fabrics to up-cycling production cuttings, using recyclable shipping materials and printing on only 100% post-consumer recycled paper. 


Based In: UK Best For:  Daily wear, Casual wear   

Mayamiko works with artisans in underpriviledged communities in Malawi to source and produce their fair trade clothing collections. The label started off as a charity, but the idea was always to move on to a 'Trade not Aid' model. The brand now has a loyal base of customers who want to look great and be on trend, but also care about the story of what they are wearing, their health, and the environment. 

Wallis Evera

Based In: Canada Ethics: Local production, sustainable & biodegradable materials Wallis Evera fabrics are sustainable, biodegradable, and chosen for their comfort, shape, and durability. The Canadian eco-clothing brand produces in Canada, small batch manufacturing using hemp as the foundation fibre for all their products. By ethically sourcing and developing exquisitely modern hemp blend fabrics, Wallis Evera aims to make clothes that can spark dialogue and inspire change toward a more sustainable future.