3 Effective ways to warm up prior to an exercise session

It is up-to you on how successful you make your workout routines. A great workout can only be attained if you warm up well. A good warm up is like "bulletproofing" your body to resist aches and injuries. Here are three effective ways you can do to enhance your workout sessions: 



1. Work up a light sweat prior to starting:   Warm muscles are looser and thus stretch better without the risk of injury. Get on your favorite cardio machine and move for 5-15 minutes, working your heart rate up as well. Of course, you should think about adjusting your warm up depending on the activity.





2. Bend and Flex to make your joints and tendons loose: Exhaling as you bend, get down with a curved back and touch the floor. The bend backward as well, exhaling and slowly arching back. Twist from your hips, keeping your feet firmly on the floor, in both directions. Finally, bend sideways, again from the hips. 





3. Do some glute bridges. These may seem useless for a lifter, but your butt muscles are crucial for holding your form and lifting big weights.