3 Foods that Trigger Anxiety

f you have anxiety, you will know that it can make you feel like you are on edge constantly. Whether it be hot flushes, constant worrying or struggling to breathe and panic attacks, its our body’s way of communicating to us it in “fight-or-flight” mode! There are so many people that feel stressed on a daily basis, and they simply put this down to having hectic work schedules and leading busy lives. Its a big deterrent towards carrying out our daily activities such as working or caring for family. While your hectic/busy life is unavoidable, what you can do is avoid or curb certain food and beverages in your diet that trigger anxiety. Here are three foods you can avoid:

* Caffeine:  If you live for your morning coffee and simply can’t function until you have devoured it, this might take a toll on your mood. This doesn’t just stop at coffee, but also includes energy drinks, tea or other caffeinated substance. The side effects of excessive caffeine consumption can include heart palpitations, shaking and difficulty sleeping.

* Salt: Diets that are high in salty foods increase blood pressure, which makes your heart to work harder. When this happens, your body releases the stress hormone adrenaline which leads to edginess and mood swings. 

* Sugar: Like salt, you should also avoid foods that contain refined sugars. After eating sugar, you will generally have a burst of energy and then your blood levels will drop. This will make you feeling tired and sluggish, and also make you feel anxious.