3 Health Benefits of Cereals

Breakfast is the travesty of good food, its the fuel for your daily routine! Thus it needs to be a meal thats well thought of and chosen. Despite Dieticians insisting on substituting those nice tasting cereals for home made oats or fruits, we cant help but eat them! Here are three ways to eat cereal:


1) Helps in normal bowel movements: They are a source in rich dietary fibre, indigestible plant material that facilitates the digestion process. 

2) Helps in maintaining a health weight: Since they rich in fibre, they help in maintaing a healthy weight. 

3) Fortified in many minerals and vitamins: Dietary Minerals such as vitamins and dietary minerals, especially mangenisum, potassium, iron, phosphorus that can get absorbed in the intestinal levels after getting into the bloodstream.