3 Healthy and Quick Recipes for Kids Tiffin

Being a mom, you often worry about packing alot of nutrients in your kids meals. Their tiffin meals are at a very important time of the day as they are busy with concentrating and focusing in their school work, also the following meal is a gap away. Here are three healthy recipes for kids tiffing that arent just quick to make, they can be consumed in the limited amount of time that the kids are given:

1) Vegetable Toasts: Requires: * 2 medium-sized potatoes   * 1/4cup finely chopped vegetables like capsicum, onion, tomatoes * 1/4tsp red chili powder and chaat masala  * 2 tbsp. finely chopped green chilies and ginger and coriander leaves to the veggie mixture.



2) Stuffed Paranthas: You can make variety of paranthas by just using different stuffing. You can incorporate aloo, lauki, cabbage, cauliflower, or multiple veggies and grated cheese/paneer with chopped onions, green chilies to prepare different fillings for the paranthas. Add salt, rock salt, amchur, red chili and black pepper powder accordingly.


3) Stuffed Idlis: Cut Left over idlis or refrigerated idlis into finger chips then either deep fry or pan fry or even shallow fry them. Sprinkle salt and pav bhaji masala or chaat masala or idli podi on top of them. You can stuff them with carrots, or other bhajis as well. Mix well so that masala gets coated evenly.