Three Healthy Oils for your Kitchen

Oils, oils, oils. When it comes to health, we can get quite confused. Different oils have different qualities that make them better for different uses. Some are best for baking, some are best for frying, and some are best for salad dressings. But which is best for which?  For general purposes, here are three of the healthies oils to choose from: 

1. Canola Oil: Much like most of the other healthy oils on this list, it's less in saturated fats, and can be used for roasting, frying, and baking. Because it has a neutral taste that doesn't do much for your food in the flavor department, it isnt great for sauteeing. 


2. Pure olive oil: If you love frying things in olive oil you'll want to use the pure stuff instead of EVOO. It has the ability to ward off extreme heat, which means you food will be fresher. 


3. Vegetable oil : Its quite similar to canola oil because the chemical processing delpletes the natural mineral content, thus making it very healthy.