3 Indian construction workers jailed for consensual sex with minor

New Delhi, Feb 21: Three Indians have been jailed in Singapore for their involvement in consensual sexual acts with a 13-year-old girl in 2016, a media report said.

Gill Gurjant Singh, 25, and Surjeet Singh, 29, were each sentenced to 15 months in prison for the crime, The Straits Times reported.

Jugraj Singh, 33, was jailed for eight months for committing an indecent act on the Singaporean minor.

Offenders convicted of having consensual sexual intercourse with a minor below 14 years old can be jailed for up to 20 years and fined or caned, according to the report.

All the three men are Indian construction workers, the report said.

They had met the girl in May 2016 in Little India -- a precinct of shops, eateries, pubs, motels and hotels -- where she was hanging out with her friends, Deputy Public Prosecutor Jesintha Veijayaratnam said.

The girl's mother approached the police after which a complaint was registered.