3 Interesting Professions in Today's times

                                There were times when just the usual, dated, professions were considered to be esteemed ones in society (doctors, lawyers, MBAs). It’s because they garnered you money, position and recognition in society. They resurrected you into the high-society social circles. However, with globalization, trade, education and exchange of values and beliefs from the rest of the world, people have begun to explore exactly what they like to do and want to study ( as a profession). In today’s times, every profession is given a status, importance and a recognition in society.  However, there are some professions that are quite interesting– they’re offbeat yet give people pure joy! Just for amusement, here are three professions that will amuse you:

                                Firstly, you get to be a wedding guest. This is actually a fun part-time job in many countries, where people double-up as wedding guests. You get money to eat the best food, devour the best drinks and dance like a hooligan until wee hours of the morning! Also, you don’t have to socialize (the obligatory “namastes” and “hellos”) that you might have to do if you are acquainted with the guests. If your client is the groom – he’ll want to have you as their co-workers (popularly) and if your client is the bride – then she’ll want to have you as her family. You might be given some training on the dictates of their family. For one-two hours event, you don’t mind obliging to their rules. You can earn upto 1 lakh – 3 lakhs per event if you’re a pro at what you do. 

                                Secondly, a colour expert. According to Colorcom (a color expert  organization, first of its kind) -  a color consultant combines color psychology, current trends and style , demographic statistics, and color design theories in order to best incorporate color into a project, whether it be designing the layout of a room or the logo of a company. The International Association of Color Consultants (IACC) provides extensive training and membership for color consultants. You can either work for a firm or independently with clientele. You can earn upto 1 lakh per month.


                                Thirdly, a Feng-Shui Consultant.  Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art based on Taoist Principles. Feng Shui focuses on the flow of energy or “Chi” in order to insure the health, wellness and ultimate source of good fortunes (money) of an area’s inhabitants. Feng Shui can be used in any space – home, office, garden, store to attract a positive aura. Several Centres provide a certification course in this discipline. This field is constantly evolving. Thus, you have to be up-to-date in your knowledge of the field. From tapping into the most appropriate feng shui symbols, to the best feng shui designs that are best suited for various homes and business interiors, a feng shui consultant has to be open, flexible and always in touch with the true essence of feng shui. You can earn upto 1 lakh per month – based on if you choose to have classes.


                                Thus these unique professions can help you hone the skills that otherwise other professions don’t – such as social skills, receptive skills, artistic abilities. You get to tap into a side of you that you wouldn’t have otherwise. Textbooks and Tutorials in University can teach you to become the best at an academic sort of field. However, these diverse professions give you the ability to be unique, be the person you want to be and be happy. Diversity is the need of the hour!  Due to the violence, conflict and misery, there is one thing that everyone should be able to agree on; diversity that is spread throughout humanity creates enormous growth, serenity, and knowledge within everyone whether they realize it or don’t. Without diversity, our world wouldn’t be as cultured, , expressive and amiable today.