3 life benefits of becoming a Father

With sleepless nights, rumpled clothes, dreary days at work, and to add to it - the sound of high-pitched whining defining their day-today existences, fathers have a tough time. However, according to several studies, fatherhood prolongs life by a good 7-10 years. Here are three benefits of the three-letter magical word you'll ever hear (just after the magical four-letter word you'll hear):

* Less Stress: As you receive those jabs all night, you might yearn for the zen of your pre-daddy years. However, fathers are less likely to develop stress-related conditions.

* Job Satisfaction Improves: According to a study published by Management Perspectives Journal, men that have families to come home to at the end of the day are happier at work. 

* Physical Health Improves: Fatherhood brings with it alot of great health perks. It inspires men to take better care of themselves as it fills them with a sense of purpose that genuinely enhances their mental well-being.