3 Myths about Olive Oil

With all the recent controversy over fraud in the olive oil market (and food fraud in general), it's quite validated to wonder if investing in good olive oils is worth it, especially when it's difficult to be sure that what's in the bottle is the real thing. However, to help in your decision-making, here are three myths about Olive Oil:

Myth 1: You shouldn’t sauté with olive oil : You always hear that olive oil has a decreased heating point, but that’s bogus, its absolutely ok to saute it at 391°F.

Myth 2:  “Pure” olive oil is best:  But that term "pure" actually means a blend of refined and virgin oils, falling lower on the grade scale than extra virgin. (And while we’re clarifying terms, let’s define "refining": It’s the process by which inferior olive oil is made edible).

Myth 3: "Light" olive oil has fewer calories: Light isn’t the diet-friendly oil choice. It just refers to refined oil that has a lighter flavor—not caloric load. Choose extra-virgin to get the most antioxidants.