3 Myths about Weight Loss

Diets, diets, everywhere! The widespread talks regarding the dearth of diets in the dieting industry is so pervasive it’s discouraging. They are perfectly tapping onto our needs for instant gratification. Instant coffees, instant noddles, instance cold-packs, instant solutions with instant apps on phones etc. Here are three myths you need to have in mind in order to lose weight as well as maintain it: 

1. Avoiding Fast foods to aid in weight loss:  You have the ability to consume as many calories at home as you would at a fast-food restaurant. Losing weight involves one simple formula - ingesting fewer calories than searing them. Based on this principle, you can eat what you want—including fast foods. 

2. Skipping Meals aids in weight loss-  Eating fewer than 3 meals a day actually adds to your "hunger-meter". According to studies, skipping a meal, especially breakfast, will make you eat more in subsequent meals. Not only do you eat more, you will have a preference toward high-fat foods. Its, thus, more calories which you ingest. 

3. Exercise, without a good diet, is sufficient - While exercise is a great way to expend the calories, most of the times it isn't sufficient by itself to create the caloric deficit required for weight loss. Dieting is key. Evaluate it: In order to lose 1 kg a week, you need to burn 1500 more calories a day than you eat. If you rely only on exercise to achieve this 1500 calorie deficit, you need to swim every day for an hour, or walk briskly 2 hours or clean your house for 3 hours. However, to maintain it, you need to back it up with foods which will not counter your efforts.