3 Perfect Gifts for the Wedding Season!

            You barely have time to spare for wedding gifts because you are busy prepping up your outfits, jewellery and footwear for the many days of festivities that lead up-to the wedding! The wedding is the icing on the cake, thus you have to present your best self! You’re excited for the couple, their families! You want to give them the most thoughtful and the most needful gift as they embark on the most important journeys of their life. Here are three perfect gifts for the wedding season:

               Firstly, a luxury combo watch for men and women is great gift idea! It’s become a new tradition these days. They can be the best heirlooms for many years to come, it’s a symbol of accomplishment, dedication, that time is a great healer, also that time is the only factor which will teach you patience (a must for any marriage).  They have the essence of a luxury gift, however,  has the functionality of  an everyday accessory. An example of the best quality is Cartier Santos Galbee for her and Cartier Santos 100 for him. The two-tone metal watches are a great symbol of strength and continuity. They cost around 1 lakh per watch. Also another combo which is great is the Longines Combo.  The Swiss watch brand has a long history in prestige watches market. The men’s watch is 33.1 mm X 38.75 mm has the caliber of L615, based off an ETA-2895-2 movemement which operates at 28,7000 vph and has a 42-hour power reserve. The ladies watch shrinks down to 26mm X 30.6mm and has the  L595 caliber.


            Secondly, give them the best kitchen appliances. These days couples are both professionals, thus lead very busy lives. They need quick solutions when it comes to making meals, for which they require a very functional and efficient kitchen that saves them time and money as well. The best is the Samsung Side-By-Side Kitchen package as its got some great features. In the package it’s got the side-by-side refrigerator, convection range, over-the-range microwave and a stainless steel interior dishwasher. Their best appeal is that they can be acquired together! They are a great sign of durability, efficiency and longevity.


                Thirdly, gift them a vacation package!  Well the couple might already have their honeymoon planned! However, ain’t nothing wrong with a mid-year vacay to brighten their married life. Just imagine, the umpteen decisions they have had to make regarding their wedding and then hopping into married life - bills, chores and getting acquainted with family and friends. It can definitely be a major stressful event. All inclusive vacation packages include in them luxurious accommodations, world-class dining an wining, a range of activities for the newly-weds and highly trained staff to take care of the newlyweds. Nothing is left to chance, they can just relax and envelope in the lap of luxury! The change in weather, the atmosphere and some private time for themselves will definitely help them re-couperate from the overbearing and overwhelming events of the wedding.

                Thus, gift them something that they will never forget.  A thoughtful and practical gift needn’t be an outdated one! Gift them experiences versus products. The first year of marriage brings with it a lot of challenges, be it an arranged marriage or a love marriage, adjustments and understanding. As they move forward through the journey of life together, they will learn that, together, they can build a strong foundation of love, trust and understanding - ultimately- success.