3 Pregnancy Apps

The tech world, comprising of various apps/website, has truly infiltrated into our lives, for good. Sometimes, its like our agony aunt, sometimes its like the grandma whom one turns to for advice.  Why should the preggo mamas be left behind? Here are three apps which are great guides for a healthy pregnancy:

* Cine Mama: CineMama, created by March of Dimes, helps you take the best bump photo possible with the help of a belly grid and photo editor. You can track your pregnancy progress by turning photos into a video with its own soundtrack. The app also has weekly tips and week-by-week info about the development of your baby.

*  Oh Baby! Fitness: Its Pure exercises! Pre and postnatal trainer Kathleen Donahoe gives you specific Pilates, yoga or strengthening exercises for body-parts which support you during pregnancy and labor.

* Whose Your Daddy?: The app is written by men, for men, to guide first-time dads-to-be through the pregnancy process. It contants daily tips and weekly updates using humorous, lighthearted language. Its great to manage those moody mamas.There's even a countdown to your baby's due date to keep the first-time dads on track.