3 Silent Signs of a Thyroid Disorder

The thyroid, a butterfly-shaped gland in the neck, produces hormones essential for metabolism and brain activity. Symptoms of a thyroid problem are often vague, but if you realize any of the following signs persisting, or have more than one, endocrinologists recommend to contact a doctor to request a simple blood test to gauge your hormone levels. Here are three signs of a thyroid disorder: 

* Random Sweating in various spots:  Excessive sweating when you aren't exerting yourself is a common sign of a hyperactive thyroid. The thyroid regulates the body’s energy production. The higher than normal hormone levels mean your metabolism is revved up, which causes people to feel overly warm. 

* Clothes feel tighter than usual: If your jeans feel snug but you swear you haven’t changed your eating or exercise habits, an underactive thyroid might be the reason. Lack of hormones decreases metabolism and calorie burning, so you may see gradual but unexplained weight gain. 

* Thinning hair,: In areas particularly on your eyebrows, is a common sign of thyroid disease. An underactive or overactive thyroid throws off your hair growth cycle.