3 Simple Steps for staying hydrated during summers

As the heat rises, drinking moderate amounts of water in summer carries various health benefits for individuals. It can help you combat several conditions such as digestive problems, heart ailments and dehydration. Our body carries 70% water thus needs adequate  quantity of it to function efficiently.  Here are three tips for staying hydrated during the summers: 

1. Always carry a water bottle -  If  you have a bottle within arms length, it’s very likely that you’ll  mindlessly sip from it throughout the day, without having to make a  conscious effort.

2. Track your water intake -  If you’re sipping on a 16-ounce bottle, drink 8 of them each  day—and even more if you’re exercising heavily. 

3. Munch on water-rich produce. Water-packed snacks, including melon, berries, bell peppers and grapes, are all good substitutes.  A big bonus: These foods are rich in electrolytes as well.