3 Tips to curb Sugar Quanties for Children

Eating too much sugar can often mean we're eating too many calories and if we don’t use them, our body will store them as fat. This can lead to unwanted weight gain and if this happens to our children, it’s very likely they will carry it into their adolescent and adult years, becoming overweight or obese. Here are 3 Tips to Avoid Sugar in their diets: 

1. Switch from high sugar breakfast cereals to 50:50 or  toast,  bagels, plain yogurt/oats with fruit or porridge with berries.  Make sure to read the label as some cereals position themselves as high fibre and healthy, yet contain high levels of sugar. 

2. Instead of cakes, pastries, biscuits or sweets for snacks - give them bread sticks, fruit and vegetable sticks, oat or rice cakes with a small amount of peanut butter, jams, or various spreads. 

3. Rather than fizzy drinks, try sparkling water with a small amount of unsweetened fruit juice.  Try ice cold milk, or you could blend some fruit, ice and milk and make a healthy, nutritious alternative.