3 tips to prevent birth defects

A birth defect is a complication that occurs to a baby during its development in the uterus. The majority of birth defects happen during the first trimester. Its also a very cautionary phase for moms-to-be. A birth defect may bring about change in how the body appears, functions. About 4% of babies born have birth defects that occur regardless of the conditions of the pregnancy. Here are three ways you can prevent these birth defects: 

* Avoid exposure to environmental toxins. There are many everyday solvents, insecticides, and toxic fumes that might cause birth defects, and you should avoid situations in which you might be exposed to such agents.

* Plan your pregnancy: Planning your pregnancy helps you curb your drinking and smoking habits. You can also request for a pre-pregnancy or early pregnancy screening test in order to spot potential or real birth defects.

* Take precautions against infection. Particular infections can cause birth defects, and thus you should carefully avoid situations that might cause infections, and make sure your vaccinations are up to date.