3 Ways Restaurants Trick You

Trick or Treat! Trick of Treat! Give us something good to eat! Why do we go to restaurants?  In some cases, it's exceptionally delicious food. In others, the allure isn’t about the food at all. Perhaps it’s the awesome and warm ambience, the feeling of familiarity and maybe the entertainment provided by the restaurant! However, each time you go back to your favourite hang-out, do you realise that they might have a few tricks up their sleeves? Alot of it is in their Menus, the first thing you're handed when your seated! Here are three ways restaurants trick you into spending more money: 

* Highlighted Food Items: If you have ever wondered why some menu items are placed in a text box or otherwise bolded, it's because the restaurant wants to draw your attention to the item. Often, the boxed-off menu item is something that is a major profit-maker for the restaurant — like chicken wings, for example. 

* Offering Three Sizes (S-M-L): Most people will order the smaller/cheaper portion, thinking that the lower price saves them money. But the menu doesn't specify how much smaller the cheaper portion will be, and in general the restaurant is actually hoping you'll buy the smaller size. If you do splurge on the larger salad, often the size difference will be made up with inexpensive (poorer quality) ingredients! 

* Descriptive Language: Super Flowery Lingo for the Super silly (read famished) consumers! Instead of writing  “BBQ chicken breast with vegetables and mashed potatoes” they write  “seasoned and wood-fire-grilled chicken breast with our signature barbecue sauce, fresh seasonal mixed vegetables, and Aunt Sally's buttery mashed potatoes”? Sure works up your senses!