3 ways to de-stress at work

Unplanned meetings, traffic delays, crazy deadlines, no sign of exercise and untimely meals can lead to alot of stress at work.  To add to this, you have your other priorities such as your home, kids, family life. Thus the stress at work can spill into your personal life as you might be unable to accomplish those tasks. Thus here are three ways of de-stressing at work: 

* Get a head start:  Start a half an hour early, plan your routine, so you aren't rushing. Wake up earlier, so you can get out of home earlier, you can beat the traffic blues and get to your desk and your tasks timely. 

* Take relaxing time-outs: Shut your office door or sit in an empty conference room and evaluate what's stressing you out. Once you confront the worst-case scenario, and realize that it probably won't ever happen, you can get back to work with your worry load lightened.

* Do relaxing exercises: This is especially important if you have a sedentary job. Try lifting your legs up and try extending them for 30 seconds. This movement reduces the risk of blood clots that can result from sitting too long in one position.