3 Ways to ease into work after a long vacation!


Ah, vacation. You just got back from a week of complete relaxation, when the only thing on your to-do list was to sleep, eat and drink. However, you’re back to reality and struggling to muster up the strength to turn on the computer, trail through your inbox, and get right back into your normal work routine. Here are three ways you can do to switch right back into your office routine: 

* Bring Signature Food From Your Trip Into the Office :  We can all agree that nothing distracts an entire office from work like food does, so just bring in some goodies from your trip to share? They're great conversation starters! 

*  Listen to Music: Bring along your headphones! Music is a great trick to create a positive environment, so help your mind focus back on work by listening to your favourite playlists! 


*  Make a Plan and adhere to it:  Get the help of those to-do apps , or just make a list at your desk. They will atleast help you accomplish the bare minimums!