3 Ways to enhance your exercise sessions

OK - You've realized that exercise is good for you. The health benefits from exercising regularly are plenty - it aids in maintaining weight, combats health conditions and improves mood. Here are three things you can incorporate in your routine to enhance your routines:

* Take care of your feet: Many forms of active physical exercise involve putting some sort of stress on your lower extremities. Running, playing sports in aerobic exercise sessions such as step are particularly hard on the knees. You need good footwear. You also need to get enough cushioning in the heel and forefoot to protect you for the particular activity for which you’ll be needing them.


* Give yourself a well-rounded workout: Incorporate weights, resistance-building machines, dumbbells, also a mix of stretching, flexibility, balance and posture exercises (eg. Pilates, Tai Chi or Yoga). 


* Don't exercise when you're hungry: If you are hungry because you haven’t eaten, you run the risk of performing at less than your maximum capacity, or worse, passing out. Also, if you’re feeling food deprived when you’re exercising, you’ll be more likely to overeat following your workout.