3 Ways to reduce the risk of Preterm Births

Preterm labor and birth—or giving birth to a preemie—isn’t well understood. Its because once you get into the spiral of preterm labour - where things get out of hand - things can be quite tense and a downer on all your hardwork and care that you've taken during your entire pregnancy. Because even the doctors do not fully understand why it happens, there are few reliable ways to completely predict it or prevent it. Here are three ways to lower your chances of having another premie:

* Plan your pregnancies - space them at least 18 months apart. Waiting 18 months before you get pregnant again allows time for your body to heal and reduces your chance of having another preterm birth. Pregnancy planning makes sure that you, your family, and your body are prepared for a new addition.

* Get to a healthy weight -  Overweight and underweight women have a higher chance of giving birth to preemies. Work with your caregiver to achieve a healthy weight based on what your they recommend. Don’t get discouraged—even small changes in your weight may lower your chance of giving birth to a preemie.

* Take care of chronic diseases: If you have a chronic disease (such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, or autoimmune disease), work with your health care provider to make sure it is taken care of  before your next pregnancy.