350 km in 1 hour..China to start world's fastest SUPER BULLET train

Beijing: China is relaunching one of the world’s fastest bullet trains. It runs at a speed of  350 kilometers (217 miles) per hour.These trains will  run on Beijing-Shanghai route from next month. With thse trains, the  distance of 1,250-kilometre between the two cities will be covered in just 4 hours, 30 minutes. Other routes will be added later.

China first ran trains at 350 kilometers per hour in August 2008, but cut speeds back to 250-300 kilometers per hour in 2011 following a collision between two trains near the city of Wenzhou that killed 40 people and injured 191.

China has laid more than 20,000 kilometers (12,400 miles) of high-speed rail, with a target of adding another 10,000 kilometers (6,214 miles) by 2020. China has spent an estimated $360 billion on high-speed rail, building by far the largest network in the world.