4 - 90's stars that never made it Big!

Being a star (in Bollywood) is like walking a thin line between success and flops. The grass is always greener when you have hits, you're gracing several magazine covers and endorsing the top brands! Continued stardom is a combination of luck, making wise choice of films, and constantly grooming your talent. Thats the reason for the success of SRK, Aamir and Akshay - they have remained successful, they only thats changed about them is that they have gotten better at their craft. However, here are four stars that had alot of promise in them, but didnt quite live upto them, where are they today? 

  • Anu Agarwal: This tall, sultry, seductive actress made her debut in the Mahesh Bhatt blockbuster movie ‘Aashiqui.’ She soon got many acting gigs. Unfortunately her career was cut short after she had an accident in 1999 and her left side was left paralyzed. She even lost her memory for some time. The 46 year old today lives in Bihar in anonymity. She practices Yoga at the Bihar School of Yoga. Compared to other actresses from the 90s, Anu Agarwal still retains her svelte figure thanks to her disciplined regime and workouts. She has participated in many amateur powerlifting competitions, and has written her autobiography called “”Anusual- Memoir of a Girl who Came Back from the Dead”.
  • Sonam: After an unsuccesful start to her acting career with movies like “Mitti aur Sona” and Vijay, this curvaceous beauty with a husky voice found fame as the ‘oye oye’ girl after starring in the movie ‘Tridev.’  Her real name is  Bakhtawar Murad KhanSonam later married director/producer Rajiv Rai and then left the country as her husband started getting extortion calls from the underworld. She is now settled in Switzerland with her husband; they have a son called Gaurav Rai.  Incidentally, Sonam is the niece of Raza Murad and has a sister in Sanober Kabir.
  • Bobby Deol : When Bobby Deol made his Bollywood debut with Barsaat in 1995, women went crazy over his cute looks. But soon he became just a memory for Bollywood fans with his long list of forgettable films. From love stories to gripping thrillers to actioners, Bobby Deol experimented with different genres in the first few years of his career. But with passing years and the entry of new type of actors, Bobby's stardom slowly began to fade away. Today he lives a relaxed life with wife Tanya and sons. 



  • Fardeen Khan: Be it Jungle or Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya, Fardeen's good looks always won over his mediocre acting skills. But after a decade long career in Bollywood, Fardeen bid adieu to movies. His longevity was surely dated.