4 Big Pranksters 0f Bollywood


Ranbir Kapoor: On the sets of ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani’, the handsome hunk Ranbir Kapoor got his co-stars Kalki Koechlin and Aditya Roy Kapoor drunk. In one particular scene, both the co-stars had to drink from shot glasses, and water was supposed to be poured into those glasses during the shoot. But Ranbir had other plans. He replaced water with vodka!



Abhishek Bachchan: While on the sets of the film 'Shararat', junior B actually forced some of his unit members into drinking milk, which he later claimed to be laced with 'bhang'.





Vivek Oberoi was playing carrom with E Niwas when he got up and said he is going to sleep and came back soon after 10 minutes. E Niwas asked him about it then he innocently denied and said he had never come to him in past one hour. He was downstairs with others. Vivek smartly produced a witness. Meanwhile innocent director turned pale and thought that the place is haunted with ichchadhari bhoot. 



During ‘Lucky - No Time For Love’, Salman and Mithun decided to play a harmless prank on Sneha Ullal. A carefully disguised Mithun entered the hotel room and started a fight with Salman. The mock battle raged on with both actors doing their best. The situation almost came to blows when, seeing Salman fighting fiercely with a stranger, actress Sneha started screaming for help. She almost fainted with fear.