4 Most Successful Movie Franchises of Bollywood

Making a movie series means big MOOLAH for a production house! A formula for surefire success - a set audience, a winning team and performances for which people are lauded! Here are Four big Movie Series that have made big money: 

Dhoom Series 

Produced By: Yash Raj Films

The audience might have jubilanty flocked to the theatres, but the critics were a little more judicious with their approval when it came to the franchise’s newest installment. It gas garnered 500 crores. Dhoom might have had humble beginnings with Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra battling John Abraham on bikes, but there was a huge rise in fortunes with Hrithik Roshan coming on board in the second installment with his stunts and persona. Then the third of the series skyrocketted their business with Aamir Khan, in a double role, the franchise has now become all about the villains.  Well, long as the machines keep getting meaner and the villains keep getting hunkier with every installment, the series will never see a dull moment! 


Produced by: Shree Ashtavinayak Cine Films

You've heard of comedy OF error, well this is comedy In errors! The trailer gives us a glimpse of mad comedy with a twist of horror in the tale. Like previous parts of Golmaal series, this one too seems to have all ingredients to make a perfect family entertainer. Trailer echoes a tagline from posters of the film – “Iss Diwali logic nahi, sirf magic!”. It is filled with crazy banter between the characters in the film, which has an ample dose of comedy, action, romance, and spookiness (which only adds fun to the film). The makers of a laugh riot promises to make your Diwali even brighter this year. After starting out in 2006, Rohit Shetty’s most dear franchise has grown from strength to strength and is today worth anything in the ballpark of 150 crores and above. While we wish him all the success in the world, if only logic and genuine comedy started featuring on Rohit Shetty’s priorities, we wouldn’t ask for anything ever again.


Produced By: Excel Entertainment

Filling in for Amitabh Bachchan to remake any of his films is a bit frightening, because of the great expectations of people. However, we fell in love with Farhan Akhtar' s unique, profound and modern way of storytelling. Superslick characters, a refined storyline, its outstanding topographical and technical detailing hightened the audiences' journey towards the characters.And given the 100 plus crores that the sequel raked in, we’re pretty sure that SRK won’t require much persuasion to reprise his role again.  


Produced By: Film Kraft

Its a known fact that Hrithik Roshan has the looks and persona of a superhero! Thus, a superhero movie from his camp was just what we were waiting for. Half an hour into Koi Mil Gaya and we realised that Rakesh Roshan had a winner on his hands. Apparently he thought so too, because he followed it with a sequel in the form of Krrish and after an interminable wait of seven years, gifted us with a part three that left the Roshan clan richer by roughly 260 crores. Krrish 3, just as its predecesors, has managed to hit the right chords amongst its audiences. Like it's prequels, Krrish 3 once again takes us into the world of masked fantasy where the stakes are incredibly high and this time our superhero Krrish faces the challenge of saving the world from the clutches of the villain Kaal (Vivek Oberoi).