4 Powerful Wives of Bollywood Stars

Their men are able to create magic on-screen, because these ladies support them through thick and thin. However - their strength actually is in the fact that they have carved their own names in Bollywood. They are talented, influential and are lauded by everyone. They are not dependent on their husbands and can run the world. So, meet the most famous and powerful Bollywood star wives, who are anything but ordinary: 

1. Gauri Khan

Whenever we think of Bollywood star wives, Gauri Khan's name is sure to come up. Mother of three and the beloved Beghum of Baadshah Khan, Gauri is a talented and strong woman. She is a film producer (co-founder of Red Chillies Entertainment), and an interior designer. Her aura is such that it can challenge the charm of Shah Rukh Khan as well. Along with her flagship store, she has taken up on several design projects all over the country and in Dubai. She also launched her clothing and accessories collection for Satya Paul twice.

2. Twinkle Khanna 

Daughter of the legendary Bollywood stars, Rajesh Khanna and Dimple Kapadia, Twinkle Khanna may not have an exemplary Bollywood career, but she sure is an exemplary Bollywood wife. She is a successful interior designer, columnist and film producer. She has exhibited her witty, feminist side through her writings on her personal blog as well as twitter.

3. Mehr Rampal

 Former Miss India and supermodel, Mehr Jesia Rampal, is the wife of one of Bollywood's most handsome actors, Arjun Rampal. Mother of two beautiful daughters, Mehr manages her home and their production company, Chasing Ganesha. 

4. Mana Shetty 

Her husband, Sunil Shetty, might make 100 crores per year. She runs real-estate projects, owns a luxury goods store, has her own clothing line and organizes exhibitions to help underpreviledged women and children. Her daughter, Athiya, made her successful Bollywood debute this year.