4 Young Entrepreneurs in the country!


India is a flourishing country and its development is truly the hard work of its people. The country outputs dozens of great scholars, intellectuals and entrepreneurs on a yearly basis. The sense of achievements and pride is deep rooted in Indians and that’s the reason Indians are doing great works in almost all countries! The youth of the country aren't too far behind either! Tapping on the ample opportunities that the open markets and globalisation have brought, these young entrepreneurs have gotten ahead of their time by creating a name for themselves:   

* Amir Rao: 29 years. Amir is a studio director at Supergiant Games. He also a co-creator of role-playing action video game Bastion which has won many awards and so far, as sold around 2.2 million copies.

* Kavita Shukla: 29 years. Kavita is the founder of FreshPaper which keeps the produces fresh for longer hours than today’s conventional methods. She has patented her innovation.

* Pranav Yadav: 28 years. Pranav is the CEO of Neuro-Insight. It is a neuro-marketing firm that has designed and developed brain mapping technology to understand and improve the quality of commercials on TV.

* Farrhad Acidwala: 23 years. Farrhand bought a domain name at the age of 16 with 500 INR he had borrowed from his dad. He started a web community devoted to aviation and sold it at a very good price when It became a hit. He is now CEO of his new company Rockstah Media.