5 Bollywood Celebrities that never went to College!

The reason why you're required to atleast complete basic education (such as graduation) is because you can at-least calculate your salary. However several superstars have defied the odds. They don't just garner six-figure salaries but have name and fame as well. 


Here are 5 Bollywood Celebrities that never went to College: 


* Aamir Khan: Mr Perfectionist Aamir Khan personally decided that he wouldn't attend college & confidently conveyed the same to his parents after he finished high school. His parents opposed this decision and tried to convince him otherwise. However, he believed in himself and his talent, and he passionately followed acting. His success speaks for itself today! 



* Katrina Kaif: She was home schooled all her life as her parents were travelling from city to city all the time. Right after she attained the age to attend college, she ended up joining modelling school and then her career took off from there. 



* Kajol: Having spent most of her life in boarding schools, Kajol got a movie gig at the age of 16. The movie was Bekhudi. She shot the film over her summer holidays and then was going to attend college. Fate had other plans, though. As soon as the movie was complted, she got Baazigar and the rest is history.



* Akshay Kumar: he had joined college, however, several modelling assignments and few martial arts sessions diverted his mind towards the entertainment world. He took his career in his own hands and pursued his dreams. His success and longevity is proof of his talent. 



* Arjun Kapoor: Flunked 12th! He was a bit upset about it, however, always knew that academics wasnt his strong side. He began to focus on acting and made his debut with Ishaqzaade and that made way his career in Bollywood. His versatility and amazing bod has made him a star and a very bankable actor of his generation.