5 most important facts about Karva Chauth that you should not miss

New Delhi, Oct 25: Karva Chauth is almost here and it is very important to update people about this pious festival celebrated mostly in the Northern part of India, though it is becoming popular now throughout the country. 

Directors like Karan Johar have given such a glamorous aura to Karva Chauth in their films that it has now become a  traditional symbol of celebrating one's love for the partner. Here are the 5 most important facts about Karva Chauth: 

1. Karva-Chauth signifies the strong-will of women who observe a day-long fast for long-life of their husbands.

2. As per the Hindu calendar, Karva Chauth is celebrated just nine days prior Diwali, the festival falls on the fourth month of Karthik.

3. This North Indian festival starts with a custom of eating a pre-dawn meal known as Sargi, before the sunrise on Karva Chauth, which includes nuts, kheer and mathri.

4. Women dress in fine clothing, wear jewellery and apply henna on their hands. The day is usually indulged in community gatherings and narrating Karva-Chauth legends by an elderly woman to the group of married ladies.

5.This festival reinforces the love between married couples.