5 points why Pakistan may win: India need 339 runs

New Delhi: No one would have expected this.  Pakistan has played a fantastic cricket today. India has a good run to chase, which is not going to be as easy as it appeared to be.

Here are the main highlights of the first half of the match played by Pakistan:

1. Indian bowlers put a bad show. Because of this Pakistan scored 100 runs more.This has put a very big pressure on India. From the very onset of the game, Indian bowlers have to be on the go.

2. The 'no ball' proved to be very dear, or else Fakhar Zaman may have been out after making 3 runs

3. As of now the match is in Pakistan's clutches

4. The poor bowler show Ashwin 10 Overs 70 runs, Bumrah 9 Overs 68 runs and Jadeja 8 Overs 67 runs may turn the match in Pakistan's favour.

5. Lots of wide (13) and no ball (3) may also go in Pakistan's favour