5 Table Manners for every season

So you've taken the plunge, you've decided to attend one of those high-fly dinner parties! You're quiet confused as to how you should be as we're all quite conscious about eating in front of so many people. If you follow these tips, you will be invite to more dinners, be considered for job opportunities and thus make more friends. Here are five table manners to help you in eating better: 


Elbow Placement Elbows on the table are fine when you’re not eating. What you don’t want to do is use your elbow as a fulcrum for bringing food to your mouth. Wrists on the table are always OK. The Right Fork Work from the outside in: salad fork to sweets fork. The Right Bread Plate Think BMW. Your bread plate is on your left; meal plate, in the middle; water, on the right. Digging In Dig in when everyone has been served or the host gives you the green light. If there’s a large number of people or a buffet, you can begin eating when you get your food. At weddings and in other situations where there's preset food, wait until the host gives you the OK to start. Passing Food For the first time around the table, dishes should be passed counterclockwise so that the right hand is free for serving. (Sorry, southpaws.) If you’re asked to pass salt or pepper, pass both.