65-year-old man running across the world

Hanoi: "I love running. It keeps me healthy," said septuagenarian Amnaj Prompinun from Thailand in Vietnam's capital Hanoi after climbing 1,914 steps over 72 floors of the tallest building in the city. Hanoi Vertical Run 2016 drew the participation of some 200 amateur and professional racers around the world, reports Xinhua. "I have engaged in running for nearly 20 years. I participate in the marathon and vertical run," said 65-year-old Prompinun on Saturday, before adding that he loves vertical running as it is a kind of challenge. Stair climbing, first known as "vertical races" in the 1970s, is now a global sport with stair climbing clubs from around the world. Working in a building of over 30 stories in Bangkok, Prompinun often practices by running up and down the building. "I often run ups and downs for four times without break a day. I take this practice two days a week," he said. "I also run every morning and often participate in marathon events in Bangkok every Sunday. This is my hobby," he told the reporter. At his 60s, Prompinun still looks good physically with a well-built body and a positive mentality. He has competed in running in 13 countries around the world, from Asia, Europe to the America. "I ran in Myanmar, Indonesia, Laos, Vietnam, China's Taiwan, China's Hong Kong, Italy, Canada, the United States, and so many other places," he said. The 65-year-old man now owns over 500 trophies and medals in all kinds of running. "I used to smoke and drink alcohol. But after start engaging in running, I quit all. It was a right choice for me." "Running makes my health condition better. I got no serious illness and did not have to go to hospital since I started running," he said proudly.  "I have donated blood for 80 times and I even have six-pack abs," the man with mustache laughed and told the reporter. This is the fourth time Prompinun has competed in the vertical run in Vietnam. He was often listed as the eldest participant in the run events. "My daughter said she is worry about me running at this age, but look at me, I am full of energy," the 65-year-old said, showing his muscle and smiles. "After Vietnam, I will go to China's Beijing in September for another vertical run event. I will keep running whenever and wherever I can." With the achievement of 15 minutes of running and not winning the challenge in Hanoi on Saturday, Prompinun said it did not make him sad as he had fun and met a lot of friends. "Nothing can stop me from running. I will keep on running in different countries until when I cannot walk," he said confidently. "I can travel across the world and make friends in different countries."