85% diabetics see amputations in their lifetime

Mumbai, June 19 (IANS) Eighty-five per cent of diabetics see amputations in their lifetime due to lack of appropriate treatment, data released during a national conference on diabetics here has revealed.Currently 15 per cent of of India's diabetic population suffers from ulcers in their lifetime, the conference attended by over 50 eminent surgeons here was told.Pioneers in wound management such as Madhuri Gore and Dr Sitaram Prasad were among the delegates who attended the national conference held at Zen hospital on Sunday.The doctors called for a better wound healing health care in the hospitals of the country."Around the globe, about 415 million people are diabetic. However, India has the world's second largest diabetic population at 69 million. Almost 15 per cent of diabetics develop an ulcer in their lifetime," said Roy Patankar, Director at Zen Hospital.Stating that treatment of wounds is a challenge as the physicians or surgeons needs to assess wounds accurately, the doctors also urged hospitals for a better recognition of wound related problems and provide interventions such that morbidity reduces. "With advanced technology, newer wound care products are helping surgeons to provide optimal benefits to patients. The wound update conference included wound classification and evaluation, wound healing and scar formation. Chronic wounds, infections and wound closure or therapy along with case studies were a part of the panel discussion and conference," said a joint statement issued by the surgeons at the conference. As a part of the national faculty, Somprakash Basu and Sunil Kari discussed chronic wounds and wound therapy along with a few case studies. Seven other speakers were a part of the panel discussion.