A leader with an exceptional comic sense

Is it the urge to be ridiculed time and again or does she aim for a constant spotlight by making spineless allegations, either of the two, Sadhvi Prachi unleashes yet another controversy only, this time, targeting Bollywood actors on the basis of religion .

"After our successful work towards making India Congress-free, we now aim and are working  at making India a Muslim-free nation. Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan should be sent back to Pakistan since they spread Islamic vibes in the nation "' said the VHP leader. She urges people to boycott the Khans and to make Aamir Khan's upcoming movie, Dangal, a flop in order to make them see that India is a Hindu dominated nation and has no needs to house Muslims in it. 

This isn't the first time the VHP leader is criticising the mighty King Khan. Previously, she unchained the bulls of her tongue wild to accuse Shah Rukh Khan of being Pakistan's secret agent and should be sent to live there. Not just this, when Shah Rukh Khan talked about returning the awards (including Padma Shri), she condemned him of committing treason and everyone who ever returned or even talked about returning the awards to be tried for treason. 

Her absurd statements have often brought her under scrutiny but there is no stopping her. The freight train that Sadhvi Prachi is, it would be no wonder to see how her words were so hateful and could have started religious violence when she said that the Hindu devotees have always been under threat during pilgrimages be it Amarnath or Vaishno devi's. She also said if such attacks continued happening, the Haj Yatris will face consequences. It would be no wonder if she blamed Muslims for cloudbursts too. 

Among her many irrational accusations, she made her point very clear that she was up to no good rather preach hatred as a religion. " Those who do not chant Bharat Mata Ki Jai or Vande Mataram should be dumped in the Indian Ocean", " Those who consume beef  should suffer through such pain ( Dadri Lynching)", " The Nepal earthquake happened due to Rahul Gandhi's visit, who, is a non-vegetarian and didn't purify himself in the holy Ganga before visiting", were few of the most unreasonable articulations that could have come at such tragic times.

Her latest "campaign" for a Muslim-mukt Bharat has no bounds of rationalism and is a far-fetched imagery of her wild beliefs and imagery. She sure does get more air time and makes headlines regularly; more than any minister would ever aspire to get. Campaigning as a VHP leader, Vishwa Hindu Parished themselves deny her the tag of a VHP leader. 

Her obscenity knows no limits but often makes for a good laugh. 

Beeba M Singh