Smartphone is a serial killer

With the revolution in the smartphone technology, these smartphones have taken a very important role in our day today life

 And nowadays these smartphones are ultra-powerful gadgets that come with super-fast CPUs, as much RAM as mid-range PCs, and numerous communication radios.

They can do a lot more than just being communication devices -- from taking photos and wirelessly controlling home appliances to juggling between calls and serving app notifications.

In fact, today’s smartphones are so capable that they have killed other gadgets existence from our lives
So here are eight gadgets almost ‘killed’ by smartphones.


Remember pagers? A short tiny device that was used in 90's to send and receive text and voice messages. Pagers are no more in use, thanks to smartphones which makes our lives very easy for sharing text messages, and even video calling with communication software like Whatsapp and Skype.

Portable Media Players 

There was a time when this device we the most preferred device to pass time in travel or any time which could play music tracks for hours till its AA battery runs out. Its latest form now is iPod but due to latest smartphones and technology no one uses these devices as these smartphones are capable of playing any music and video files.

FM radio receivers

If one couldn't manage to buy media players to devices like iPod but FM radio receivers were the best device in 90's and listen to news bulletins and songs. But nowadays every smartphone comes with inbuilt FM radio receiver.

Personal Digital Assistants (PDA)


PDA was a gadget that a serious office goer couldn't manage to without it until a few years ago. It had almost everything from PDF reader to and ability to check e-mails on the go. They even had Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth. It was a device whether you want to organize a meeting with your team, make a to-do list or create a business presentation.  

GPS navigation systems


 Traveling to a different state or a new country altogether, having a GPS Navigation System in a vehicle is a must-have.

And these gadgets can be mounted on the car’s dashboard and used to get directions to go anywhere.

Although GPS systems are still in use, they are increasingly getting replaced by smartphones.Nowadays everyone seems preferring  smartphones with powerful apps like Google maps over inbuilt car GPS systems

Digital cameras

]With the latest technologies, cameras on smartphones have improved amazingly and now have megapixel count running into double digits.

It won't be fair to compare it with DSLR-like images, but the cameras on smartphones are more than sufficient for everyday photography.

Why would one buy a digital camera if we have smartphones with 20 megapixels with better prices?

Remote controllers

Almost every electronic device available these days come with its own remote controller.

From air conditioner or a LED TV or a streaming media player, it’ll have its own remote controller.

So if sometimes you feel confused with various remote controls and its device then you can retire them and use your smartphone That’s because of a lot of smartphones come with IR blasters. All you need is a remote control app and you have a universal remote controller for all your appliances.

Portable gaming consoles

Nintendo launched the first Game Boy handheld gaming console back in 1989.

The 8-bit video game device went on to become a massive hit and. Years later, Sony launched its PlayStation Portable and changed handheld gaming with its high-quality video games.

But if one wants great gaming on the go, latest smartphones are the best option which comes with multi-core processors and RAM up to 4GB for great performance and gaming